The feeling of not belonging or blending with ones environment is called Indifferent. I t can also be referred to being neither excessive nor inadequate(moderate), being neither good nor bad (mediocre). this feeling is synonymous to not having a belief and any one can feel this way so, its not strange.

Being or feeling indifferent is not a mental disorder as some would quickly conclude it for, neither is it fear nor timidity rather in my own opinion this feeling might come as a result of a change in cultural, environmental, religion and way of life. for instance in Nigerian if one migrates from the western part of the country to the northern part such individual will show a display of indifference because of the changes around but if one is there for a long enough to adapt and blend this feeling will gradually go off.


being indifferent creates insecurity in the heart of the indifferent, people gradually look at them as being in humane or cold which would gradual scare people away from them causing them to be eventually lonely. it also brings pain as one is unable to express his problem of challenge it may include feeling detached.

   however some people belief its safe to be indifferent to protect oneself from the world as being open might cause people to cheat , hurt ones feeling or bring pain.

    Nevertheless it is good to have a stand and its best to be strong willed but it is better to be moderate in all your ways. thus strife to be moderate and avoid showing indifferent in issues that require your opinion. please drop your own opinion in the comment section below.

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